Taken for a Ride

Taken for a Ride, Mouth to Mouth, plus The White Knuckle Mix, original release on 7″ and 12″ vinyl on Records of Achievement 1989

Sounds Single of the Week January 28th 1989, The Planet Wilson ‘Taken for a Ride’ (Records of Achievement)

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“When that great lost band The Red Guitars called it a day, there was genuine sorrow that their unique sound had perished with them. The Planet Wilson, who include former Red Guitar Hallam Lewis (guitar) and Lou Howard (bass) have kept things low-key and interesting since their formation. But now, with ‘Taken for a Ride’, they have come up with something genuinely massive.

Describing themselves as Psycho Aphrodelic (reminding everyone that Lewis was getting into African guitar long before Paul Simon hear the eureka bells a-calling from that continent) The Planet Wilson sound like no one else on earth. Though at times they recall Can, or even Shriekback, that’s usually for only five or ten seconds.

If you invest in the 12-inch of this you’ll get a ten minute mix of the title song, on which every Planet Wilson idea is mooted, starting off as crazy James Chance-meets-Holger-Czukay-solo-albums it lurches into bar-chord guitar boogie, intercepting the odd Afro distress signal along the way.

Lou’s bass playing is unbelievable – not just the tunes she invents, but actual sound of her fingers hitting the strings. Mike Watt of Firehose is probably the only person who could match this, Beats me why those assholes at Houston Central are peering up at Mars when they could be checking out The Planet Wilson.” David Cavanagh, Sounds Magazine