We’re on the Planet Wilson – what are you on?

The indie band was formed in Hull in 1985 by two former Red Guitars, Hallam Lewis (guitar and vocals) and Lou Duffy-Howard (bass) joined by drummer Grant Ardis. Described by Sounds’ David Cavanagh as ‘Crazy James Chance meets Holger Czukay’ they released two acclaimed albums in the late 1980s.  Their 1988 album was ‘In the…

A Year in the Day of TPW

Every morning we get up at six thirty and by seven o’clock we have already showered and formed a band. We have a leisurely breakfast whilst perusing the morning papers…

Telescopes at the ready

Earth wide digital release coming soon. The Planet Wilson albums and singles are due to be re-released with Earth wide digital distribution. Keep your telescopes at the ready.

Watch This Space

The Planet Wilson formed in 1985 when the collapsing cloud of two former Red Guitars, Hallam Lewis (guitar & vocals) and Lou Duffy-Howard (bass) mutated into a spinning disc which collided with otherworldly drummer Grant Ardis. The resulting compound is thought to be potentially explosive with a catalyst of the live audience or recording type.

Welcome to The Planet Wilson

Scientists and Experts generally agree that The Planet Wilson was formed in Hull UK from the cooling of two separate clouds of gas, Hallam Lewis and Lou Duffy-Howard being distilled from a configuration known as ‘Red Guitars’ and Grant Ardis from a rather more amorphous blob

Out in Space

With two acclaimed albums and three lauded singles under their collective belt The Planet Wilson’s intelligent Psycho Afrodelic sound has been praised by scientists and experts across the known universe.