Scientists and Experts generally agree that The Planet Wilson formed in Hull UK from the cooling of two separate clouds of gas, Hallam Lewis and Lou Duffy-Howard being distilled from a configuration known as ‘Red Guitars’ and Grant Ardis from a rather more amorphous blob, known to include such clusters as ‘My Silent War’. The resulting compound is thought to be potentially explosive with a catalyst of the live audience or recording type.

The Planet Wilson released two acclaimed albums and three singles in the late 1980s.  Their 1988 album ‘In the Best of All Possible Worlds’ was produced by Steve Nye for Virgin Records. In 1989 their second album ‘Not Drowning but Waving’ was released on their own Records of Achievement label. Singles White Lies, Fly by Night and Taken for a Ride featured both 7″ and 12″ extended mixes.

TPW 13

Latterly The Planet Wilson were joined for gigs by sax and keyboard player James Gillespie, drummer Jonah Lacey-Hatton, backing vocalist Alison Owen and percussionist Andrea Barbadori. A number of secret recordings were made which may be unearthed in the future…

Keep your telescopes at the ready, The Planet Wilson have been lurking in the shadowy side of the galaxy for long enough and are planning imminent re-releases with Earth wide digital distribution. 

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