A Year in the Day of TPW

A Year in the Day of The Planet Wilson – 1989

TPW 2 crop

Every morning we get up at six thirty and by seven o’clock we have already showered and formed a band. We have a leisurely breakfast whilst perusing the morning papers. We value our independence and integrity but are worldly enough to realise a certain amount of money is necessary to set up independently. In the past we have been known to accept such offers and use the money wisely by investing in the basic requirements for survival, so for example, by nine thirty we would have our own van and soon after our mid-morning coffee break we could have set up a quality sixteen track recording studio.*

Today, though all this is behind us and after a quick look through the morning post we turn to the problem of band labelling. This morning’s suggestion is ‘Psychedelic African’, although one band member wishes to add ‘With Quiffs’. We decide to set it aside for further consideration.

After a few warm up games we set to recording the new album, starting with the single. This takes most of the rest of the day and around five, after a quick high tea we jump in the van ready to do one of a string of live dates. This is often the highlight of the day and on the way back we may be inspired to improvise some new material.

It’s now the early hours, and on finding a bed we slump into it, secure in the knowledge that tomorrow will be an even better day.

*of the analogue variety as was the want back then, 1989

TPW 13


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